Solutions For Businesses That Embrace Feedback

FOR BETTER OR WORSE, CUSTOMERS WAN'T TO BE HEARD.  what they don't like are surveys.

JabFab provides a powerful alternative.  The actionable un-survey.  Bite sized, short-form feedback your target audience will happily give you, via their mobile devices.  With JabFab you get a steady stream of authentic real-time feedback that you might otherwise miss.  Better still, you can act on it right away, to redefine the customer experience.


Are you taking advantage of the power of NOW ?


JabFab can be used to make customer and employee feedback actionable in any industry.  Here's some examples:

 Real-time Patient Care -  Click Here For PDF

Real-time Patient Care - Click Here For PDF

JabFab brings private and closed loop engagement to your marketing and customer engagement teams.

It's not a social media tool.  It's not public.  It's private and it's yours to control.  Use JabFab for dealing with challenging feedback, or to double down on the amazing experiences and feedback you are missing, that can motivate your employees and make you stronger!


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